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Tea Time
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Every weekend, treat yourself to a moment of pure indulgence with our Pastry Chef Maxence Barbot’s Afternoon Tea experience.

Inspired by the sweetness of his childhood, Chef Barbot takes guests on a delicious trip down memory lane with a luxurious spread of freshly made pastries highlighted by seasonal ingredients.

*This experience will be available again from 1st January 2024

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The sea weaves its captivating narrative at La Bauhinia, as the iconic brunch now unveils a renewed journey of flavors: sweet, savory, and distinctly briny.


 Here, the ocean is for sharing. Chef Quentin Testart showcases a facet of his culinary world, presenting a selection of dishes to share (or not), serving as a teaser to La Bauhinia's restaurant new menu.


 The Palace's Pastry Chef elegantly concludes this Sunday rendez-vous with his signature finesse, offering a delightful array of his creations. A Sunday ritual that promises joyful moments.

Dejeuner Gourmand
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Executive Chef Quentin Testart offers an exclusive fish lunch menu, composed of two starters and the catch of the day.

A unique moment to share for personal occasions as well as for business lunches.

Monday to Friday from noon to 2 p.m, menu at 68€.

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