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Shangri-La Paris introduces a new culinary adventure, breaking away from traditional gastronomy. Focused on sharing and enjoyment, the cuisine features highlights from the sea, enhanced with passion and exceptional technique.

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Summer by La Bauhinia

This Summer La Bauhinia unveils its summer allure on the terrace of the Parisian Palace for the second year. Conceived as an indoor-outdoor living space, the summer version plays on both fronts: the freshness of a dining room opens onto vegetation, and the magic of tables set in a unique garden.

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Made for sharing

Quentin Testart presents a summer version of his menu, promising a friendly interlude to discover new tastes and textures. Dishes feature the best cutting techniques, cooking methods, spices, and condiments from various continents, all of which harmonize flawlessly with the fresh seafood.

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The Essentials

Discover a world of flavour with our signature dishes.


The Lean Fish, is cooked first at low temperature and then in a banana leaf, served with spiced rice, and balanced by the sweet flavor of mango.


The Saint-Pierre confit, on the other hand is subtly infused with citrus notes through confit, whilst the Squid with Timut parsley seasoning, presents a fresh interpretation of the classic dish, elegantly revamped by the Executive Chef.

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A sweet treat by Maxence Barbot

Maxence Barbot presents a delightful interlude, introducing a sumptuous selection of desserts. During summer afternoons, frozen fruits emerge to provide a gourmet break which includes a refreshing Strawberry Flower and Rhubarb. 

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Quentin Testart &
Maxence Barbot 
- A Pair of Passionate Chefs

In the bustling kitchen, the culinary maestro, Chef Quentin Testart, orchestrates a symphony of flavors alongside the virtuoso of pastries, Pastry Chef Maxence Barbot, whose reputation precedes him as one of the illustrious figures in the French pastry scene.

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