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Originally from Brittany, Maxence quickly developed an appetite for cooking, and more particularly pastry. After studying at the Guerche hotel school, he joined prestigious Parisian establishments.

In 2012, he joined the Plaza Athénée as a clerk, alongside Christophe Michalak and Jean-Marie Hiblot, where he played the role of demi-chef de partie. Creative and ambitious, he took the French Dessert to Plate Championship competition in 2013, where he was runner-up.

He then joined the George V teams as Chef de partie for two years at the restaurant Le V, before pursuing his passion in La Baule at Christophe Roussel's Relais Dessert, where Maxence further develops his creativity and discovers boutique pastry.

His thirst for learning then led him to join Chef David Bizet on a great adventure that would be very enriching for him: the opening of the Orangerie du George V in 2016 as junior pastry sous-chef.


With this experience, he returned to the Plaza Athénée, to exercise his passion and learn from Chef Angelo Musa, for three years.

He joined the Shangri-La Paris as Pastry Chef in November 2019.

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At 28 years old, Quentin Testart becomes the youngest Executive Chef of the Parisian Palaces. Eager to break away from the typical conventions of the fine dining offered by palaces to embrace a cuisine with a strong identity, firmly centred on the sea and flavours.


Born in Paris, and in love with his Britanny where his family roots are anchored, he owes his love of cooking to his grandmother, who lives in the town of Lorient, right by the seaside and the local fish auctions. He is well-versed in the exercise of demanding and high-flying brigades with a position as Deputy Executive Chef at the Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris for the last 3 years, in creativity alongside the Pourcel brothers at La Maison Blanche, or in the management of an entire establishment at La Villa by Thierry Marx in Lyon, yet he has found his calling in the world of marine flavours. And convinced to be focused on a well-balanced and infinitely rich cuisine, changing in harmony with the seasons.


While he learned the cutting, preparation and delicate handling of fish at A La Bonne Table, it was Les Fables de la Fontaine that opened him up a horizon of possibilities, the guarantee of a starred cuisine. Unlike meat, which remains intrinsically linked to the land, seafood spans the continents and calls for the use of a wide range of flavours. Quentin Testart, whose aspirational cuisine draws on his many travels, finds there the starting point of a new story.



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